Portfolio – PEX Superstore Gets An Upgrade

PEX SuperstoreProud to report a new milestone.  I refreshed and upgraded the PEX Superstore’s website to the latest version of Magento.  There are other pictures of this store in my portfolio for comparison purposes.

What I am most pleased about is the use of responsive design in this site.  The older version had some difficulty reading and ordering products on smartphones and tablets. No more!  This was a critical factor for the site as these products are often thought of and bought on construction sites and job locations.  It’s now easier than ever for a contractor to buy the right amount of tubing right from their phone.

PEX SuperstoremobileIn my humble opinion, Magento provides the most professional and integrated solution for online stores.  For this upgrade, I used HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, and XML programming to build the final product.  To make sure everything was just right, I also relied on Photoshop, the Magento admin panel, my trusty FTP program, and PHPMyAdmin in the store’s database.

Plumbing and the construction industry is never going to be the hottest thing burning the tubes on the interwebs.  That’s no excuse in building the best user experience possible. Many thanks to all at the PEX Superstore team for achieving this milestone with me.